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Digital Work Flow and Digital Process Limited is a specialist solution and service provider for document and business process automation and management solutions. We have a very significant pool of expertise to call upon, and are able to call on very focused expertise for a wide range of business challenges.

We provide a very valuable set of consulting and procurement skills free of charge for potential and existing clients, to ensure the best solution set is delivered, in the most suitable business format. We ensure the client enjoys the cost savings benefits and efficiencies in a short a time as possible, with minimum impact on the business operation. We so often see businesses spending vast sums of money for solution sets that deliver only a percentage of what is actually required, or they are involved in months of hassle and operational interruptions as a result of difficult implementation tasks, all of which is totally unnecessary in this digital age. As for costs, well you know the story on that subject.

The biggest challenge is in finding the right solution, one that delivers 100% of what is desired and required, in an open technological way that can be extended or enhanced in due course. The technologies exist, they are far cheaper these days, but many smart modern solutions are simply not offered, because there is little profit in doing so for the main stream providers.

We source to suit the specific solution and budget, and if that means offering a £5,000 or £25,000 solution that does a really good job at delivering the cost savings, business and staff efficiencies the client desires, we will. They exist, are very effective indeed, and you have just found them. Please do get in touch, we have lots to offer.

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July 30, 2013

So how much, they cried!

A fair and very reasonable question! The answer is, thankfully, a lot less than has been the case for many years. Technology has enabled much more innovation in solution sets, Read more…

Key Deliverables

Extremely cost effective, meaning ‘Low Cost’, but very ‘Effective’ solutions.

Intuitive and easy to use. Fast and painless adoption for staff.

Innovative, Smart and Simple. Solutions have to deliver, simply.

A positive ‘Return on Investment’, with a low Total Cost of Ownership’.


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About Digital Workflow

We deliver highly effective, cost efficient solutions enabling businesses and departments to migrate to a ‘Paper Lite’, or Paper Free’ business Environment. We drive high cost reductions and savings, and deliver impressive time savings for staff and business processes alike.

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