Digital Mailroom

Digital Mail Room

Keeping and managing incoming paper based documentation and having to print things, creates huge inefficiencies and delays both in time taken to accomplish this, and delays in lead times for customers and service level agreements.

The huge benefits of automatically digitizing and scanning paperwork on entry to the business far out way the usual worries about complexity and concerns about staff adoption, as companies achieve large cost savings in the reduction of printing, copying, mailing, filing and in staff time.

Digital Mail Room is a set of ‘best of breed’ solutions that automatically recognise the incoming document (fax, hard copy or email). Digital Mail Room then processes that document according to its type, invoice, remittance, application form, order etc.

Digital Mail Room can be deployed easily and with very little disruption to current business processes. ReadSoft is used for data scanning and extraction, Hyland OnBase manages Work Flows and integration, with RightFax managing high volumes of faxes where applicable. A 60 minute discussion will clarify the right and most effective set of solutions to deliver your Digital Mail Room, and we can demonstrate this to you in detail.

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July 30, 2013

So how much, they cried!

A fair and very reasonable question! The answer is, thankfully, a lot less than has been the case for many years. Technology has enabled much more innovation in solution sets, Read more…

Key Deliverables

Extremely cost effective, meaning ‘Low Cost’, but very ‘Effective’ solutions.

Intuitive and easy to use. Fast and painless adoption for staff.

Innovative, Smart and Simple. Solutions have to deliver, simply.

A positive ‘Return on Investment’, with a low Total Cost of Ownership’.


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We deliver highly effective, cost efficient solutions enabling businesses and departments to migrate to a ‘Paper Lite’, or Paper Free’ business Environment. We drive high cost reductions and savings, and deliver impressive time savings for staff and business processes alike.

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