HR Efficiency through Automated Document Workflow

You would think most people in a say a busy HR department would understand and agree that using a defined workflow for their processes will certainly deliver some sizable improvements in staff performance and in achieving tasks far quicker. Well, you are right, they do.

So why is that time and time again one comes across Hr departments sinking in paperwork, desks growing under the piles of hiring recruitment and in process HR files. It makes for a dreadful working experience, and yet HR directors wonder why their staff churn rate is what it is, and what can be done about it. Obviously there are the 5 or 6 people in admin who’s sole existence is to enter information from one piece of paper to another on the shared drive or excel filing system, and all of them are earning say £23,500 pa, but that’s is just how it’s been done for ages…right? Are you screaming yet….I am.

Why do the words Automated Workflow scare so many managers so thoroughly, when the people who will benefit in every way is themselves? This huge reluctance to let go, and relinquish some of the management to a simple automated document workflow system still seems ingrained in the British administrative work place.

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